Guangdong Finn lung technology co., LTD. Is a collection of science, industry and trade in an integrated high-tech enterprises. Affiliate several production enterprises and sales company, focus on high and low voltage power distribution products production and sales, the main products are: fuse, inverter, soft starter, circuit breaker, contactor, lightning arrester, dual power supply, insulator, load switch, isolating switch, industrial appliances, power distribution products. Otherwise complete sets of equipment manufacturing and metal processing plants, production and processing all kinds of chassis, cabinets, chassis, sheet metal, stamping processing, general parts and provide customers with design, manufacturing, plastic spraying, fuel injection, silk screen one-stop services such as specialized hardware products factory. The company introduced advanced production equipment, improve the processing technology, the existing stamping workshop, mold workshop, surface coating, fuel injection workshop, etc. Can be flexible customization according to the market/customer requirements, develop all kinds of general case, standard cabinets, boxes, aluminum shell, etc. With the design and manufacture all kinds of work station, battery cabinet, screen wall, standards of non-standard chassis and build complete distribution box, switch cabinet, control cabinet, electrical design, constant pressure water supply/gas supply system design, large cold storage electric system installation. Undertake street light engineering, lighting engineering, intelligent household system design, etc. Industrial robots, electrical power distribution system, electrical automation systems, industrial control systems research and development and after-sales. The current products have been widely used in large and medium-sized power plants, substations, metallurgy, petrochemical, sewage treatment, textile, railway, traffic, medicine, machinery, packaging machinery, textile machinery, food machinery, auto parts production lines, precision printing, welding, precision position control, and other areas of the modern industry. Mr Lung technology with excellent quality and professional service, achieve rapid growth of the business, won the user's high praise.

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FL500 inverter

Fenlong FL500 series high peormance universal frequency converter of science and technology, using imported components, infineon module, stable performance, reliable in quality.

Fenlong inverter FL300 series, stable performance, reliable in quality.

FL3000 inverter


Servo motor

Fenlong technology specializing in the production of low-voltage fuse, fast fuse, high-voltage fuse road, stable performance, reliable in quality.

Mr Lung servo motor, three-phase asynchronous motor, stable performance, reliable in quality.

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